4 ways pets can improve your well-being

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4 ways pets can improve your well-being

We all know that pets are a fantastic pick-me-up. Just a peep of your pups smiling face after a long day is sure to induce a smile, but what if we told you that actually it’s scientifically proven that your pets can help to improve your well-being?

Here’s four reasons how your fur-baby can help to improve your health:

1.Goodbye stress!

Did you know that by petting your pooch it’s scientifically proven to ease stress?

The soothing motion of stroking releases the hormone serotonin in your brain making you feel a lot less on the ceiling and a lot more at ease.

In fact, it has been proven to lower stress so significantly that some companies have brought animals into their offices to help soothe their co-workers.

Don’t believe us? 86% of UK and US companies say bringing dogs into their offices reduces stress.

2.A strong ticker

As well as becoming less stressed, your pooch can also significantly reduce your risk of heart disease.

But, how?

Well, studies show that pet owners with dogs are less likely to develop the disease due to their more active lifestyles.

A walk a day keeps the doctor away… or something.

3.Becoming more social

Have you ever had a little chat at the side of the road with a fellow dog walker?

Even a, “My goodness, the weather’s rubbish, isn’t it?” does the trick.

That’s right, your pooch opens you up to a whole world of conversations. From the funny puppy stories to the testing “…and then he ate a whole table leg!” tales, there’s always something to share.

Why not take Fido to your local dog park? There are plenty of dog conversations waiting to happen.

4. Bye bye allergies

Did you know, dogs are likely to prevent allergies and asthma?

According to certain scientists, by exposing yourself to “dog dust” (A.K.A Spike’s dried skin flakes) your intestinal bacteria can be altered and can help to prevent allergies ad asthma.

Many studies have shown that dogs present in a home with a child under six months old or less haven’t developed these two conditions due to the “dog dust”.

Want to know more? Read all about it here.

So, there you have it.

A stroke of your pet’s head, a little walk in the park and a chat with a fellow dog owner are all ways to improve your well-being.

We’re off to go stroke our dog now!

Do you know other ways pets can help to improve your well-being? Let us know on Facebook!

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