Make your dog or cat our next top model!

Make your dog or cat our next top model!

Does your pooch or pussy have model potential? Does your pooch or pussy need a regular groom? We need new doggie or pussy models for our students to practice their skills on.

All the students who attend our Groom School in Cheshire, Herefordshire, Kent, Shropshire & Greater Manchester will be fully supervised by our professional team so you can be assured that your pride and joy doggie or pussy model will be well looked after and also receive a great hair cut!

Prior to the first groom we conduct a small assessment to ensure all our doggie or pussy models are happy in the salon and being handled by strangers. After the assessment we will book your dog in for a full groom which may include bathing, scissoring, clipping, nail trim, ear plucking etc.

Each school will confirm the timings of your appointment to meet the needs of the students and their learning but prepared to be wowed!! 

A student grooming fee will be charged to cover all the salon costs, but your dog or cat will still be groomed to professional salon standard at a fraction of the regular price!

If you are interested please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.