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Bedlington Terrier

This is a lovely looking dog with a passing resemblance to sheep with its woolly coat and many owners trim them in a style which heightens the resemblance along with their great looks, they have a wonderful temperaments and personalities.

The Bedlington Terrier’s coat requires conscientious grooming but will reward you with a great looking dog, and to achieve this they will need brushing and combing on a daily basis. They will also require nails to be clipped and coats to e trimmed every 8-12 weeks, coat trimming more often if we have an exceptional hot summer. When you take your dog to your local Dog Grooming Parlour we would always recommend that you chat with your groomer for tips on bathing and drying your dog and also maintenance of their ears where they are prone to ear infections and, if fur allowed to grow they can quickly build up wax deposits in the ear.

Generally they require a good brush day this will avoid mats, knots and tangles developing.

There are many web sites offering advice on Bathing and Grooming some of which is contradictory so we will keep our recommendations on bathing simple. Frequency of Bathing try to limit to monthly or when he is dirty or smelly’ but we would recommend not to wash more frequently than fortnightly and ideally monthly.

What you will need

A Dog Shampoo (do not use Human Shampoo as they have different formula’s which generally are too harsh for dogs)

1 x Roses Grooming and Drying Brush 

1 x Roses Mega Absorbent PVA Towel 

1 x Roses Large Super Absorbent Microfibre Towel

1 x Pinhead Brush  plus a good quality Steel Comb

A good supply of treats.

We would recommend using the shower with a non slip mat but if this not viable use your bath and ensure a non slip mat or old towel for your dog to stand on, which will avoid your dog slipping. Ensure the water is a comfortable temperature not too hot or too cold and then thoroughly wet you dog. Then apply shampoo and here we recommend that you knead the shampoo into the fur not vigorously rub it in as this can cause tangles etc. When completely shampooed then thoroughly wash out all shampoo and do ensure you remove all shampoo as if left in it can cause itchiness. Special note here do avoid water and shampoo getting in your dogs ears and eyes and the best tip we can give here is to wash from the head down the body this minimises the chances of water getting eyes and ears. If using a conditioner repeat this process.

Once bathing of dog is completed use the Mega Absorbent PVA Towel to dab all excess water from the coat, squeezing the towel out often for maximum absorbency, do not rigorously rub the coat as this can cause knotting etc. When the excess water is removed wrap your dog in the Large Super Absorbent Towel and scrunch the coat through the towel until the coat is just moist, again avoid vigorous rubbing.

Now you can leave the dog to ‘air dry’ or as our customers prefer dry your dog using the Roses Grooming and Drying Brush. We would recommend that you use the unit as Hand Blaster by not fitting a brush head and always keep the unit approximately 25cm away from the coat this will avoid the coat being blown into new tangles, and set the unit on High Heat and High Power, fryng whilst running your fingers through the dogs coat. Alternatively you can attached the oval Pin Head Brush and brush your dog’s coat dry, ensuring all of the dog is dry particularly around the ears.

On full power and full heat this activates the light enabling you to inspect the coat, and your dogs skin for any problems, and of course help you to spot any uninvited guest’s in their coat. Ensure you thoroughly dry the coat. 

If during any of the bathing process your dog becomes stressed or dis-comforted then strategic use of the treats will help and soon your dog will look forward to these grooming sessions and actually regard them as pampering sessions. Grooming is a great way of strengthening the bond between your dog you.

We look forward to hearing your experiences and of course receiving pictures of your Bedlington Terriers’s after your Grooming and Pampering Sessions.


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