Demystifying Hand Stripping for Wiry Coated Dog Breeds

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Demystifying Hand Stripping for Wiry Coated Dog Breeds

Have you heard about hand stripping but find yourself wondering what it is and if it’s the right grooming method for your furry friend? Look no further – we’re here to break down the basics of hand stripping, including what it is, which breeds benefit from it, and how to maintain a hand stripped at home. However if you would like to learn more you can complete the iPET Network Level 3 Award in Hand Stripping qualification with Four Paws Groom School.

**Understanding Hand Stripping:**

Hand stripping is a specialised grooming technique aimed at maintaining the health and appearance of a dogs coat. Instead of using clippers, groomers manually remove dead hairs from the coat. This process, typically done twice a year in spring and autumn, accelerates natural shedding and promotes a tidy, vibrant coat. Alternatively, a rolled coat is one that is hand stripped little by little overtime, consistently styling and enhancing the coat growth.

During true hand stripping, groomers pluck the outer guard hairs entirely by hand, especially when the coat is in the shedding phase. While some professionals employ tools like stripping knives or stones to assist, the emphasis is on a hands-on approach.

**Which Breeds Benefit from Hand Stripping?**

Wiry-coated breeds, such as most Terriers, Schnauzers, Irish Wolfhounds, and others, are prime candidates for hand stripping. This method ensures their coats meet breed standards and enhances their overall appearance. Silky coated breeds such as Cocker Spaniels also benefit from the technique leaving a natural appearance.

**Quick Tips for Effective Hand Stripping:**

To make hand stripping more manageable, consider these tips:

– Pull in the direction of hair growth.

– Support the skin with gentle pressure.

– Pluck longer hairs (approximately 2 – 5cm).

– Use finger cots or chalk powder for better grip.

– Work with a steady rhythm, removing only a few hairs at a time.

– When using a stripping knife, focus on assisting hair removal rather than cutting.

Contrary to common belief, hand stripping, when done properly, is not painful for dogs. Many actually enjoy the process.

**Wiry Coat Hair Growth:**

Understanding the four stages of wire hair growth (Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, Exogen) is crucial for knowing when a dog is ready for hand stripping. It’s most effective during the Telogen phase when hair is at rest, allowing easy, harm-free plucking.

There are 4 stages to wire hair growth, Anagen Phase: This is when hair follicles move into the GROWTH PHASE. Catagen Phase: This is the TRANSITION PHASE when hair stops growing and the outer root sheath attaches to the hair. Telogen Phase: The RESTING PHASE when the hair is at a standstill and does not grow or shed. Exogen Phase: The FALLOUT PHASE where the hair falls out and a new hair grows. Once the hair is in the Telogen Phase then the dog is ready to be hand stripped, this is as the root follicle detaches from the dermal papilla allowing the hair to be pulled without causing harm or distress to the dog.

**Why Hand Stripping is Ideal for Wiry Haired Dogs:**

Hand stripping targets older, dull hairs in the Exogen phase, making room for new, stronger hairs to grow. Unlike clipping or scissor cutting, which merely trims old hairs, hand stripping promotes a fuller, shinier coat with vibrant colours. Clipping may even hinder future hand stripping possibilities.

**Maintaining a Wiry Coat at Home:**

To keep your wiry-coated friend looking their best between grooming sessions, consider these essentials:

1. **Wiry Breed Shampoo:**

   – Use a shampoo formulated for wiry-haired breeds to avoid drying out the coat.

2. **Detangling Comb:**

   – Prevent matting with a detangling comb, focusing on gentle, gradual untangling to minimise stress on your dog.

3. **Slicker Brush:**

   – Establish a regular brushing routine with a slicker brush to remove debris, dead hairs, and maintain your dog’s wiry coat. Opt for fine bristles for wiry breeds.

By embracing hand stripping and incorporating these maintenance tools, you’ll ensure your wiry-coated companion remains not only healthy but also impeccably groomed year-round.

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