Four Paws Groom School (Northwich, Cheshire)

Four Paws Groom School was established by Fern Gresty in 2010 to provide dog grooming training courses that met the commercial demand for dog groomers. Fern struggled to employ suitable groomers and found many needing more training. Her own experience of grooming training courses helped her identify the need for practical  training courses which covered more than just clippers! As such, Four Paws Groom School was born and a course designed and created for total novices to gain employment as a dog groomer or start a dog grooming business of their own.  Fast-forward to 2015 and Sarah Mackay joined Four Paws Groom School as a Tutor and identified the opportunity of taking the Four Paws course to an Awarding Organisation and creating an Ofqual regulated qualification that differed from the ones currently available. The difference? The new wave of cross breed dogs such as Cockerpoos and Cavachons (which were by now a grooming salons 'bread and butter') could be used to prove a groomers skills and not be restricted to exams on pure breeds in full coat (which are often unusual outside of the showing world). Fern and Sarah became a team and took the plunge into a business partnership which brought all their skills and knowledge together. Four Paws Groom School in Cheshire moved to new premises which were designed to be modern, practical and a great teaching environment for students, staff and of course the dogs! Welcoming students from Europe and across the globe, Four Paws Groom School has an excellent reputation for quality and care. Additionally, the Cheshire branch also has self-catering accommodation available making distance no object.

Since 2020 Four Paws Groom School have offered the iPET Network portfolio of qualifications, finding they meet the needs of the industry and give our learners the best start to a new and exciting career. Up skill qualifications are also available for those with experience meaning learning opportunities and qualifications are available to all. Inclusive, accessible and reliable, a Four Paws Groom School course offers more.

Four Paws Groom School Cheshire