Over the years we have been asked the best way to start a business once qualified, the answer? However works for you!  One of the beautiful things about a career as a dog or cat groomer is the flexibility in approach.  You can choose to be employed and work for a small or large organisation (there are lots of jobs advertised) or you can choose to be self employed and start your own business.  This business could be working from a high street shop or salon, going mobile in a van, grooming in the customers home and using their facilities or working from home in a converted garage or pod.  You can choose the hours you work to help work around family life or ther commitments, giving a freedom most envy!

Focusing on the location for grooming, pods are a very popular choice as they often don't require planning permission (check with your local council) and are purpose made to suit you including in colour, layout and design.  They are easily placed into a garden or outdoor space and able to be moved if you ever do!  In 2020 Four Paws Groom School took delivery of a SmartPod at our school in Cheshire which has given an additional training space but also is a great showcase for the product.  We welcome students and groomers to come and see the pod, discuss the best options for them and get in touch directly with SmartPod to claim a specially arranged Four Paws Groom School discount.