Handy Guide for your Pooches - Bonfire Night

Handy Guide for your Pooches - Bonfire Night

8th, Nov 2021 General News

A CHESHIRE-based grooming school has put together a handy guide to help pawrents keep their dogs as calm as possible during Bonfire Night.

This weekend, there is sure to be an abundance of fireworks which can be very stressful for pets.

Northwich's Four Paws Groom School Director Sarah Mackay explained: "Many of us enjoy fireworks, but for our dogs it can be a terrifying time.

"And with the fireworks season seemingly stretching longer and longer each year, we really wanted to do something to help dog owners comfort their pets."

Four Paws Groom School has created a handy infographic, with top tips for getting through the fireworks season safely.

Play music


Soothing music can help your dog to relax, and many people choose to leave the radio on when they leave the house to help their dog with separation anxiety.

For fireworks nights, music or a television turned up a little louder can help drown out the sounds and keep your pet calmer.

Play with toys

Distraction is key, and if your dog loves a specific toy, why not get it out and make a special game for them to enjoy?

Escape routes

When your dog is terrified they can go into flight mode, so the risk of them bolting is very real.

Make sure that you keep your dog indoors, and that all potential escape routes, such as a dog flap, are kept shut.


Close the curtains

Closing the curtains will muffle the sounds of the fireworks, and also stop any potential bright flashes or colours from frightening your dog.


As ever, it is really important that your dog is microchipped and the details are kept updated.

If you dog does bolt, you want to know that they can be returned to you safe and sound.

Daylight walks

At this time of year it is important to exercise your dog in the daylight.

A loud bang or flash may startle them when out in public, and lead to an incident.

Make a den

Make sure that your dog has a safe space or den, which they can retreat to if it all gets too much.