The GREAT Dog Groom Dilemma

The GREAT Dog Groom Dilemma

20th, Apr 2020 General News

The Great Dog Groom Dilemma

- Most dogs are groomed every 4-8 weeks, costing £25-£100 a time.

- A groom can take 2-4 hours depending on breed

- A lone groomer grooms on average 4/5 dogs per day.

- Lockdown has closed ALL grooming salons for a minimum of 6 weeks

- Groomers book their diaries, up to 6 months ahead 

- How will groomers cope with demand when restrictions lifted? They need HELP!!

- HUGE opportunity for employment within the industry is coming

- QUALIFY as a dog groomer and be part of the growth!

- Enjoy the 30 DAYS practical training after lockdown

- Get a head start and begin your THEORY work at home

- Book NOW with only a £499 deposit

Qualification Gained Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management

​​The Level 3 Qualification course gives you the most skills practice and you will leave with in depth knowledge of each breed style, canine first aid, customer care, salon health and safety and business management and much much more.

The units covered in the iPET Network qualification are:

1) Health and Safety in a Dog Grooming Environment

2)Assess and Plan Dog Grooming Styles and Maintenance of Equipment

3) Prepare, Style and Finish a range of Dog Breeds

4) Health Checking, Handling and Canine Behaviour

5) Canine Emergency First Aid

6) Promote the Welfare of Dogs conforming with Relevant Legislation

7) Customer Care and Managing Complaints

8) Planning the Operation of a Small Canine Business

Each student receives a course pack, after course support via our students Facebook page and exclusive supplier discounts (10% on the majority). The 30 day course is a recognised Level 3 Qualification approved by Ofqual and includes Handstripping which isn’t compulsory as part of the qualification but we feel is important to your grooming knowledge and expands your overall styling skills. 

The courses run Monday to Saturday and start at 9:15am and finish at 4:15pm depending on the breed of dog etc, giving you the ultimate flexibility for completing your course.  At Four Paws we try to accommodate all our student needs and requests to fit around their lifestyle meaning it is possible to complete the course 1 or 2 days per week if desired for example on Saturdays only.