iPET Network Level 2 Award in Protecting Humans and Animals in Today's Society: Distance Learning - £199

Four Paws Groom Show is proud to deliver the iPET Network Level 2 Award in Protecting Human and Animals in Today's Society 

The iPET Network Level 2 Award in Protecting Humans and Animals in Today’s Society develops knowledge on the legal areas when protecting both humans and animals including good practice and what could be done to protect against safeguarding and harmful acts. The qualification is delivered via distance learning with the support of a Four Paws tutor and the evidence is completed on our E-portfolio system.

The qualification covers the knowledge on:

- Non-accidental injuries and the signs to look for to help protect animals and humans. 

- How individuals have a social and ethical responsibility to keep both animals and humans safe

- The links between mental health and safeguarding adults plus how animals can support mental health issues and improve life experiences. 

- How social media plays a part in the abuse of human and animal safeguarding and key words such as Resilience and Fake news. 

- The importance on reporting concerns, how to reflect on developing personal skills and the impact individuals can have on modern day safeguarding.

Visit the iPET Network website to read the Qualification Guide, this document provides more information and breakdown of the qualification criteria and outcomes. 

£199 (inclusive of VAT) per person