Dog Grooming Qualifications & Courses

All of our dog grooming courses cover:


- Coat preparation

- Bathing and drying

- Clipping

- Scissoring

- Nail trimming

- Health and safety for people and pets

No prior experience needed!

- Animal welfare legislation and best practice

- Customer care

- Planning dog grooming styles

- Health checks and canine behaviour

- Maintaining equipment


Payment plans available!



 5 day practical Dog Grooming Course including 

iPET Network Level 3 Award in an Introduction to Dog Grooming qualification


Over 5 days in our school, you will groom a minimum of 5 dog breeds and be introduced to professional dog grooming practices and methods. This short course is ideal for those looking to groom their own dog at home using a range of techniques or those looking to dip their toe into dog grooming as a career path.


 15 day practical Dog Grooming Course including 

iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Grooming and Introduction to Styling qualification


Attending 15 days in one of our modern training schools, you will groom a minimum of 10 dogs and cover 4 different coat types. This course is ideal for anyone wanting to build solid foundations in their grooming ability and gain experience alongside knowledgeable tuition from our friendly Tutors.



 25 day practical Dog Grooming Course including 

iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification


Over 25 days, this course can take complete novices through to becoming a qualified and professional dog groomer. Covering all the skills, techniques and methods a groomer will need, it also covers:

- Canine emergency first aid

- Operating and setting up a business

- Hand stripping techniques

If your ambition is to become a professional dog groomer and start your career with the strongest of foundations, this is the course for you. Learning in one of our fully equipped and modern training schools, our tutors will guide you through our trusted training programme and assist you in gaining a nationally and industry recognised qualification in dog grooming. Grooming a minimum of 20 dogs, covering 6 coat types and gaining more confidence....practice makes perfect!


 30 day practical Dog Grooming Course including 

iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification


Our goal is always to have students leave us with MORE. More knowledge, more experience and more ability. This course gives maximum time in the training environment ensuring or students leave fully equipped to start a new dog grooming business or gain employment in the sector. It covers everything in the shorter courses but allows for more dog model grooming.


 FAST-TRACK Level 3 Dog Grooming Qualification for experienced groomers including 

iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification


We know many experienced groomers would like to be able to say they are also qualified and have had their skill validated. Via the fast-track route, students complete theory work remotely and a portfolio of grooms at their own pace before undergoing assessment. You will complete 3 grooming assessments via Teams in your own salon environment making it a more relaxed process in achieving your qualification. We want to remove any learning barriers to ensure you achieve your goal of becoming qualified. As part of the enrolment fee you can attend one of our Canine Emergency First Aid dates at the school or you provide evidence of your previous achievement.

We pride ourselves on providing a great opportunity for experienced groomers to achieve Level 3 qualification status without the need for first completing a Level 2 qualification. This route is also ideal for students who hold the City and Guilds Level 3 Intro Certificate but who have not yet reached the City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma. 

To prepare for assessment, we can offer additional training days at £235 per day.


 1 day practical Hand Stripping Dog Grooming Course including 

iPET Network Level 3 Award in Hand Stripping qualification


The course will take you through the theory of wire and silk coated breeds and different hand stripping methods, techniques and tools to use and their benefits. The qualification also covers the factors that affect Hand Stripping and after Hand Stripping care. Ideal for dog groomers to gain a new skill or pet owners wanting to learn how to correctly groom their own dog at home.


 Level 4 Dog Grooming Qualification for experienced groomers who already hold a Level 3 qualification 

iPET Network Level 4 Higher Professional Diploma in Dog Grooming qualification


The iPET Network Level 4 Higher Professional Diploma in Dog Grooming is designed to demonstrate advanced expertise in dog grooming styling skills for both breed standard and free style grooming. Those who achieve must demonstrate a high level of knowledge in relation to canine welfare, managing behaviour and business operations whilst developing their personal and professional development. This is a distance learning course which is available to study at your own pace allowing established groomers to work around their commitments whilst achieving.


 Good to Groom 'in house' course - 3 days of in-person tuition and practical skills training


We are huge advocates of qualifications here at Four Paws Groom School and for those looking to become a professional pet groomer, qualifications are a must.

However, how do you know if a longer course leading to a career is right for you? Building on our taster days, we now have a 3-day Good to Groom course that covers the practical fundamentals of grooming without the need to complete theory work.

This is ideal for those considering a longer grooming course or owners of multiple breeds wanting to get more hands-on practice than a single day under our Tutor’s supervision.

Day 1 – Introduction to tools and coat preparation techniques

Day 2 – Mastering the bathing & drying process

Day 3 – Snip, clip, or strip

More about our dog grooming courses

We have a HUGE database of dog models on hand to ensure you learn to groom a wide variety of breeds and through this qualification you will also cover every coat type.  This means that your skills are highly trans-fur-able! We feel that students learn best grooming dogs from start to finish and with so many dogs to groom, we don’t have the need to share dogs between students. However, our approach is flexible and as such we adapt each training day to your needs, for example, as your confidence grows you may groom several dogs per day or work alongside a tutor to complete the coat preparation work for a grooming show dog or gain experience in one of our live salons.  

Dog grooming is not currently a regulated industry, but there has been industry talk around regulation for some time.  Most professionals support the idea that groomers should demonstrate that they have undergone training and can safely groom for their own welfare as well as a dogs.  In other canine licensed activities such as boarding kennels or doggy daycares, there is a star rating system and local authorities rate these businesses based on a set of criteria.  One of the points to achieve a higher star rating is in these activities is that staff members hold a Level 3 Ofqual Regulated Diploma in a relevant subject. Therefore, should regulation come in for dog grooming, we aim to future proof our students careers by helping them achieve the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification which would meet this criteria. This qualification gives those who achieve ‘fully qualified Dog Groomer’ status and is the qualification looked for by owners and employers when choosing a dog groomer. The course includes all registration and certification fees of the qualification, meaning there are no hidden charges.

We know that returning to learning can be daunting for some people so you don’t have to sit a daunting exam in order to achieve the qualification. Instead, you are continually assessed via practical demonstration and coursework in the training environment.  This holistic approach has been welcomed by novice dog groomers around the globe, encouraging a natural learning environment that is particularly well suited to adult learners.  We train students from a multitude of backgrounds, click below to find out more about the students we welcome at Four Paws Groom School and what they thought...

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Four Paws Groom School has won numerous awards and we know that the hands on skills practice and tuition we offer is of the highest standard.  So when looking for a dog grooming qualification it makes sense to choose an Award Winning Awarding Organisation too.  This is why Four Paws Groom School has moved to exclusively work with and offer iPET Network qualifications.  iPET Network are an Ofqual regulated, Awarding Organisation specialising in the animal care and veterinary science sector. For more information about iPET Network click here.

We like to be open and transparent with all our students and should extra tuition be required to meet the qualification standard, this will be communicated during the course.  As a Four Paws Groom School student, we want to support you in your learning journey and this doesn’t stop once your course is completed. Should you want further study time in the school, we offer a 5 day 'top up refinement course' for those who have completed the diploma qualification and returns to us within 6 months of completing the practical element. The top up course is to refine your skills and can be used to gain further knowledge of particular breeds or techniques or further support when first starting out in a new business.  The price for the 'refinement' course is only available if you book at the time of starting your course or within 2 weeks of completion.

At every Four Paws Groom School we understand that the decision to become a qualified dog groomer is a big one, and for many it will be a complete career change.

Working with animals is of course a dream job for so many people, and congratulations on taking your first step to doing this in a responsible way, by getting your qualifications.

In the UK dog grooming industry there is currently no legislation, meaning that anyone can effectively pick up a pair of scissors and get to work on a dog, but all responsible groomers know that not only is this dangerous, it damages the industry we love and its reputation.

The Four Paws Groom School offers iPET Network qualifications, which are regulated and approved by Ofqual, CCEA and Qualifications Wales. The flexible courses are designed to fit in around the learner, and there are no scary exams to complete in order to pass.

The iPET Network offers a number of course options, and depending on whether you want to continue learning in an established salon, or immediately start your own business, the options are something that you will need to consider.

For example, the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming and Salon Management qualification (Four Paws Groom School's most popular course)  takes 25 days, and transforms complete novices into competent groomers ready to practice through a range of practical seminars, theory sessions and hands on experience with dogs.

On this course you will groom a minimum of 20 dogs, which have a range of coat types, giving you plenty of experience alongside our friendly and experienced tutors.

Learners will also get up to date tuition on current animal welfare legislation and best practice, and learn professional techniques from tutors who have themselves excelled in the industry.

After taking any extended level three course you can call yourself a qualified dog groomer, however, it is important to consider which training options are right for you, and what level of skill you will need to fulfil your career ambitions.

Many people who are curious about dog grooming at first come on our five day practical dog grooming course, which includes the iPET Network Level 3 Award in an Introduction to Dog Grooming.

After you have completed this course, you will have a very good idea of what is right for you, and importantly whether this is a career that you would like to pursue.

It is also really important to consider taking a qualification in canine first aid, as this gives you the skills and protection you need in the world of work.

Qualified veterinary nurse Rachel Bean, who wrote the iPET Network's qualification, which is offered by Four Paws Groom School, said: "Safe pets mean safe people, and both customers and groomers themselves should put the safety of dogs as a high priority.

"Having this vital qualification means that you can react quickly and calmly should the worst happen, and that your clients are assured that you take high standards seriously when it comes to their best friend."

The canine first aid qualification is offered as part of our Level 3 Diploma qualification course.

Speaking about their experience, one learner, who was leaving their job of 15 years to become a dog groomer, said: "Four Paws Groom School staff have more patience than I have ever experienced in a learning environment."

And this is very important to us. We understand that this is the start of your career, and aim to guide you in the right way, and welcome you into the profession that we love.

Becoming a qualified dog groomer takes 25 days of training at least, but we also understand that your learning experience in the industry is lifelong.

We regularly offer advice and guidance to Four Paws Groom School alumni, and want your training experience to be the thread which carries you through a successful career in grooming.

Fern Gresty, who founded Four Paws Groom School said: "Four Paws Groom School is powered by people who love what they do, and that is the model on which we have built on.

"Experienced, and often award-winning groomers will guide you through the start of an exciting career in this industry, armed with the knowledge and hands on skills that you will need to succeed.

"We look forward to hearing from anyone who is considering taking the next step, please do get in touch!"