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We welcome all to Four Paws Groom School from all over the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Europe and Worldwide.  The students we have joining our courses are from many different backgrounds and have varying experience and knowledge before starting their learning.


The professional dog grooming community is very diverse and we are proud of the inclusivity of our industry.  At Four Paws Groom School we welcome all.

Family Life

Dog Grooming is a great career option for those looking to return to work after having a family but equally is flexible to work around family life.  We have trained parents who have used their maternity and paternity leave to upskill, which has then allowed them to work part time around a new baby in a job they love.

Age isn’t a barrier

Those starting out as Dog Groomers can do so at any stage of life and we have trained young people just leaving school, right through to those in retirement years who want to keep active.  The role of a Dog Groomer can be physically demanding but highly rewarding with amazing trans-fur-mations! 


At Four Paws Groom School we want to enable learning opportunities for all, asking what learners can do rather than can’t.  We can make reasonable adjustments for qualifications and have tools such as electric lifting tables and baths that can aid.  It is important that we find out all about you and your ability so we can clearly and confidently support your learning. However, there are sadly some disabilities that prevent dog grooming such as poor eyesight or hand control for scissors.

When new students are looking to complete a dog grooming course, it is vital to understand exactly what they want to achieve from it.  Is it to start a new business or is it to groom their own dogs at home? Have they prior experience working with canines or is professional animal care totally new? Understanding our students allows us to make recommendations based on our extensive knowledge of how much practice and guidance will be needed to reach the goal.

Compare us to others:


When looking for a dog grooming training school or dog grooming academy, we highly recommend our learners go and visit as many as possible.  The nearest location is not always the best for your learning needs and we urge potential students to consider ALL factors when choosing a Training Provider. 


Length of training

Number of dogs groomed

Qualification Vs In-House Course

HOWEVER…student’s have to look at all aspects of a course and budget is often the deciding factor.