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Roses supports Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home

Up until December 2017, we’ll be donating £10 of each Dog Grooming Dryer Brush sale to Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home.

But, why?

As you all know, we’re a company of dog lovers.

We have dogs that come in all shapes and sizes, from the tall to the small.

It’s because of our passion for dogs that our brand was born and Chris Rose, one of our Managing Directors, came up with the invention of our Grooming Dryer Brush.

It’s this passion for dogs that has fuelled our need to help our friends at Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home with their tireless efforts of caring for dogs that haven’t yet found their forever homes.

Here’s what our Directors, Chris Rose and Malcolm Rawle, had to say:

“On setting up the business, Chris and I were determined to have the welfare of each dog at the forefront of our products, ensuring the least stressful and safest experience possible for both the dog and handler.

In supporting Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home and their much needed work on the care and protection of less fortunate dogs, we saw this as a great opportunity to offer real support to this fantastic charity and highlight further the wonderful work they do.

So, we would ask all of our customers to join us and support this great charity”

Chris and Malcolm.

How can you help?

By simply purchasing one of our Grooming Drying Brushes you’ll donate £10 to Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home and help continue the fantastic work the charity does for dogs in need.

For more information on the work Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home do for animals, please click here.

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