The Best Dog Walking Spots in the UK

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The Best Dog Walking Spots in the UK

As self-confessed dog lovers, we’re no strangers to trawling up winding country paths, sprawling sandy beaches and twisting tree-filled tracks with a dog or two licking at our heels. So, we thought we’d share with you some of our favourite dog walking spots to enjoy in the warming months…

Dog walking in the countryside

Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire Dales National Parks

Surround yourself with the wonder of nature at Brimham Rocks in the Yorkshire Dales.

If you’re in the market for stunning far-reaching views and unusual but mesmerising rocks forms then you’re in the right place.

This is a very dog-friendly area – some of the dogs have even been known to help in volunteering projects!

However, to ensure an enjoyable visit to Brimham Rocks please keep your furry friends on the lead – they’re available to borrow from the visitors centre!

South Downs Way National Park, Hampshire

If you’re looking for rolling countryside then this is the walk for you.

With over 100 miles of National Trails you can follow tracks down ancient chalk escarpments and ridges.

There are plenty of stunning little villages, craft workshops and farmers’ markets to take your fancy too if you feel like veering off the path.

Dogs are very welcome on South Downs Way, but please be aware of the wildlife in the surrounding areas.

Mother cows are protective of their calves and can become aggressive when approached, so please avoid if possible.

Lyme Park, Cheshire

With seemingly never-ending views across the Cheshire and Derbyshire countryside, Lyme Park is one of Cheshire’s jewels.

There’s plenty to do around the House. However, we’ve fallen for the scenic route of taking in Lyme’s 1400-acre deer park.

As with all wildlife friendly parks, please be aware when taking your furry friend through the park as deer may be quite wary of your dog.

However, dogs are very welcome in the park and in the formal gardens on selected weekends throughout the year.


Dog walking on the coast

Three Cliffs Bay, Gower Peninsula, Wales

If something has been hailed “Britain’s Best Beach” on more than one occasion then you’d be mad not to visit!

It has a spectacular shoreline of sand dunes, salt marsh and whitewashed limestone cliffs.

Even though the beach may be beautiful it still contains its dangers.

Please be aware of strong tides and unexpected currents.

However, your pups are free to roam the beach all year round so bring a ball!

Robin Hood’s Bay Beach, North Yorkshire 

A dog lover’s paradise, Robin Hood’s Bay is set against craggy cliffs and has sweeping views of the bay ahead.

It’s a popular spot all year round for tourists, as well as a well-liked destination all year round for dog walking due to it being famously dog friendly.

Robin Hood’s Bay is on the Dinosaur Coast, and is very popular with fossil hunters who have claimed to have found ancient dinosaur bones.

So, don’t be surprised if Fido comes swanning down the beach with a rather large Jurassic sized bone in his mouth…

Studland Beach, Dorset

Looking for four miles of golden sand ready at your fingertips?

Studland itself is home to three beaches: South Beach, Middle Beach and Knoll Beach.

South Beach, the locals’ favourite, is sheltered by low cliffs whereas Knoll Beach is backed by a wilderness of sand dunes.

As the bay is a popular spot in the warmer months, please be aware that dogs must be leashed between 1st May – 30th September, and the surrounding areas are home to various ticks and critters – therefore, please stick to the path.


Dog walking in the woods

Friston Forest, East Sussex

Only a mile inland of the Seven Sisters coast is the Friston Forset.

It’s highly popular with mountain bikers and walkers so don’t be alarmed if you see groups congregating in their walking gear, or see a few members sporting cycling helmets.

Make your way through the abundance of beech trees and bring your sandwiches.

Amongst the path are oodles of picnic tables and even a children’s play area!

The perfect spot for a bout of dog walking.

Silurian Way, Grizedale Forest Park, Lake District

If you’re an art lover this is the trail for you.

As well as boasting acres of enchanting woodlands, the Silurian Way is home to over 80 stone and wood sculptures by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, David Nash and Sally Matthews to name a few.

Follow the trail right round the Grizedale Valley and take in stunning views of the summit of Carron Crag.

Make sure you and your furry friend have got your serious dog walking legs on, you’re in for a fairly challenging feat!

Killerton dog walk, Exeter

If, like us, you’re never happier than when you’re surrounded by mighty trees in far reaching woodlands then this is the trail for you!

With stunning views to the left and right you’ll be spoilt for choice of where to look first!

For a detailed overview of your trip round Killerton Park, The National Trust has provided you with a great step-by-step guide of your step-by-step walk.

Dogs are welcomed with open arms. However, in certain areas of Killerton there may be cattle roaming.

Just be aware of this and keep your dog within your eye-line during these areas.

Where’s your favourite dog walk? Let us know!  

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