Turning your passion into a job – BBC Bitesize Focus on Rebecca at Four Paws Groom School 

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Rebecca Stirk at Four Paws Groom School

Turning your passion into a job – BBC Bitesize Focus on Rebecca at Four Paws Groom School 

We are in the business of helping people turn their passion into a new career. Everyone who completes a dog grooming training course with us simply loves dogs and working with them is a dream come true. Over the last 15 years we have been approach by several media agencies to discuss our training, dog grooming and job opportunities. Having worked with the BBC before opening the doors to our Groom Your Own Dog Days they reached out to us and asked if we knew anyone who turned their passion into a career. We didn’t have far to look – every student and team member in the room! At Four Paws Groom School we train students to start a new career in dog grooming and have hundreds of success stories.  These students go on to start their own businesses or gain employment in the animal care industry. However, we also have our own home-grown talent and Rebecca shared her experience! 

BBC Bitesize Focus on Rebecca

Rebecca joined Four Paws Groom School with a wealth of personal & professional canine experience having worked at a doggy daycare for several years.  She had privately studied many areas of canine behaviour, puppy development, anatomy, care & welfare but did not yet hold those valuable dog grooming qualifications that further boost her skills.  She joined us as a dog grooming apprentice but also an assistant Tutor. Sharing some of her current knowledge whilst working to gain more.  We developed a specific learning and career plan with Rebecca, working towards her long-term vision of becoming a Canine Behaviourist.  In the role of Canine Behaviourist, she will work with dogs across many different sectors but also work with people, helping with their understanding to best support the dog’s welfare. During the 1-year level 2 dog groomer apprenticeship, she has developed her grooming skills and on completion is eligible to fast-track to success and undertake the assessments for the iPET Network Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming & Salon Management. The level 3 diploma is the industry recognised standard of a fully qualified groomer and the level we would advise all groomers to attain when starting a new career. Her apprenticeship training has been completed under Keits, an apprenticeship Training Provider and assessed by iPET Network who specialises in the animal care sector. 

Rebecca has a passion for education and has enjoyed supporting other students in the groom school but also teaching some of our other courses including the Level 2 or 3 Canine First Aid, Puppy Socialisation, Canine Nutrition, Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. 

We know Rebecca has a bright future ahead and we are thrilled to have her in our team. Click the link to see the full piece and clips from the school, find more details on Keits & iPET Network. 

How can you turn your passions and interests into a job? – BBC Bitesize 

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We are incredibly proud of Rebecca and all our team members who prove their dedication to pets and animal welfare in everything they dog.  

If you are a dog grooming apprentice looking to fast-track to a level 3 diploma or a complete novice seeking dog grooming training for a new career, get in touch! 

Enhance your animal care career

Completing a course with Four Paws Groom School offers learners a distinct advantage in enhancing their animal care career by providing a comprehensive and hands-on curriculum taught by experienced professionals. With a focus on grooming techniques, animal behaviour, and industry best practices, our training courses equips learners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the competitive field of animal care. The modern facilities and personalised guidance from experienced tutors ensure that student not only meet but exceed industry standards, positioning them for success in a fulfilling and rewarding career working with animals.

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