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Guide to a career working with animals

Why do you want to work with animals?

There has never been a better time to steer your career in animal care with high demand for all animal services, now is the perfect time for animal lovers to start their own viable business from scratch or gain employment in this expansive market.

In the UK alone there are more dogs than ever before, and year on year the numbers continue to rise. This is similar for cats, but the statistics show that over the last decade there has been a sharp incline in the number of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, chinchillas and other small mammals housed across the country.  The trend also extends to birds and exotic animals with huge increase in demand during the last few years. Nationally since the start of the pandemic 3.2million households brought home a pet of some kind. The UK is now home to 35 million pets with a huge 17.4 million or 62% of households owning a companion animal.

This surge in pet ownership shows we are a nation of animal lovers who are driving animal care services, hence creating the demand for more professionals in the animal care sector. Here is a flavour of jobs available driven by the animal sector:

  1. Doggy daycare assistant
  2. Dog Groomer
  3. Cat Groomer
  4. Pet sitter
  5. Kennels worker
  6. Zookeeper
  7. Equine groom
  8. Animal manager
  9. Veterinary Nurse
  10. Dog Trainer
  11. Dog Walker
  12. Puppy party planner
  13. Animal welfare officer

Animal Activity Licensing Requirements

As of 1st October 2018, any listed member of staff working in settings such as kennels, catteries, pet shops, dog daycares and dog home boarding must be able to demonstrate clear knowledge and experience, or a Level 2 Ofqual qualification. To meet Higher Standards, at least one member of staff with a Level 3 Ofqual qualification must be present during working hours.

Working with animals in a flexible way is an attractive option in today’s ever evolving world. Traditional weekend working positions have given way to flexible or hybrid working and even roles like Vets and Veterinary Nurses can be performed remotely.

Other roles such as dog grooming is a flexible career, so is perfect for child care givers, would-be entrepreneurs, and even people wishing to scale down their working hours for a change of pace.

Working with animals is fun, and there are lots of ways to excel in the animal care sector, be it taking part in competitions and events, starting a mobile business or working from home, or creating your own brand and watching it soar.

So how can I start a career in animal care?

When looking to start any new career, it is vital to gain as much knowledge as possible and training courses are the best place to start.  This is where Four Paws Groom School comes in!  We offer courses for every level from those first dipping their toe into the sector to those looking to expand on a professional career. Our focus is always on the welfare of animals and people to ensure the best experience for all, no matter what role this is then applied to. Once qualified in a subject, for example, gaining a qualification in Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, the next key element is practice and experience.  Four Paws Groom School are always on hand to support and nurture, encouraging you to the next level and advising from our teams vast experience in animal care.

What can I expect from my course?

The courses are fun and informative, and you can expect to study in your own time, at your own pace with the support and guidance of a qualified Tutor. Teaching sessions can be delivered live online or recorded and uploaded on our e-portfolio system. Additionally, in person training is available for some courses to ensure any practical skills are demonstrated effectively.

Our goal is that when you achieve your qualification, you are happy, motivated and confidently able to care for animals in the safest and most appropriate way.

All of team are friendly and supportive, and we have an emphasis on flexibility. This means that the course can fit in around you and your life, just like your new career!

Who trains to work with animals?

Very good question, the types are people are diverse but they all have a passion for animal welfare.

On our courses we have seen everyone and everyone!  Busy mums, career changers, a former army dog handler, airline workers, students just leaving school, grandparents looking to keep active, executives from huge corporations, we have also seen office workers who want to get out of the daily grind, and even people who later in life simply just want to do what they have always dreamed of, work with animals.

We also understand that undertaking a big life change can be a nerve wracking experience, so our tutors are always on hand with gentle guidance and support. You are not alone as you take this big step.

How can I find out more?

If you would like to speak to someone about your future career path and how a qualification from Four Paws Groom School can support your dream, get in touch on 01606 333765 or email info@fourpawsgroomschool.co.uk

Enhance your animal care career

Completing a course with Four Paws Groom School offers learners a distinct advantage in enhancing their animal care career by providing a comprehensive and hands-on curriculum taught by experienced professionals. With a focus on grooming techniques, animal behaviour, and industry best practices, our training courses equips learners with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the competitive field of animal care. The modern facilities and personalised guidance from experienced tutors ensure that student not only meet but exceed industry standards, positioning them for success in a fulfilling and rewarding career working with animals.

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