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New Qualifications

ANNOUNCEMENT – From Friday 14th February 2020, iPET Network has become an OFQUAL regulated Awarding Organisation and is bringing NEW Dog Grooming and Pet Industry qualifications to the UK. We are specialising in all things Canine and Feline, being a sector specific Awarding Organisation.

iPET Network has been a training provider network for the last few years after the companies founders, Fern Gresty and Sarah Mackay, wrote a new qualification which is commonly known as the OCN Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming.  The vision was to offer a choice of qualifications to learners where there wasn’t any. At the time, the only regulated Dog Grooming Qualification was from City and Guilds.  That was 4 years ago and we can proudly say we launched a new qualification to the market which training providers all over the UK now deliver.

However…we recognise the quality and standard we uphold is not being regulated across all centres delivering the qualification we proudly put our names to. In our network, we have selectively chosen Training Providers across the UK and Ireland who support our mission, scrutinising their practice to offer the best training to learners.  Sadly, that is not the case for all and we have seen a dilution of the original qualification in some areas.
To fix the problem we are taking back ownership and BECOMING the Awarding Organisation! The application for recognition from OFQUAL has been a complex demonstration of our ability, passion, commitment, knowledge and determination that there must be a niche Awarding Organisation specialising in our industry qualifications.  

Ofqual said on our acceptance letter “Recognition by Ofqual is a mark of quality – it shows that you are able to meet our rules, and that you are able to combine expertise in assessment with effective operational delivery.  In thurn, this provides assurance that learners who take your regulated qualifications have the required level of knowledge and skills in the relevant subject area.”

Our qualifications come with a tight quality assurance process but more importantly, the criteria is being set by industry experts who know exactly what students need to learn but also what appeals to them as consumers. Simply put, we are taking out the middle man, upping the standard, and introducing qualifications that really work in our industry and markets. 

They work for pets who deserve the best care available.
They work for learners by giving them valuable skills, breaking down barriers and being accessible. 
They work for training providers as the structure, expectation, reward and market appeal is clear.
They work for OFQUAL as they are on the Recognised Qualification Framework, passing their scrutiny.
They work for trade organisations who can provide industry insight and work with us in development.
They work hard, just like us.
We have evolved and will continue to advance. Join us on the journey.


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