Our top ten doggy gifts for your pup this Christmas

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Our top ten doggy gifts for your pup this Christmas

As you all know, your pup is part of the family – so just like with Grandma you’ve got to source the best doggy gifts on the market this festive season!

We’ve compiled a list of gifts we’re sure your four-legged friend would put on their wish list given half a chance…

1. Dog smart camera

These are one of the hottest things on the pooch product market – a CCTV system so you can monitor your dog.

Using a clever easy-to-install Wi-Fi enabled camera, you can check up on your four-legged friend’s movements whilst at the office, or out with friends.

The best part about this is it supports full-duplex speech, meaning you can communicate with your pup and stop them chewing the poor coffee table leg whilst on the go!


2. Luxury Orvis dog bed

These babies are so good you’ll be curling up on one yourself!

Available in a range of fantastic colours, sizes and with even the ability to personalise, you can find the perfect doggy gift for Rover this Christmas with one of these plush beds.

3. Fancy wooden dog kennel

If you’re looking for a new dog kennel you’re in the right place.

We’ve found this fantastic Ida dog kennel which makes even our own home look a little shabby.

With its pitched roof and chimney, all fitted with a waterproof asphalt roof, you’ll scarcely see Fido as he permanently moves outside into his new fabulous abode.

4. Leuchtie light up dog collar

We’d be totally remiss if we didn’t include one of these fantastic collars, our prize for our November Win Things competition.

It’s a 100% waterproof, German-engineered LED dog collar created using patented technology, meaning there are no switches or buckles to fiddle with.

When it’s time to go walking, you simply place the LED safety collar over your dog’s head, and the unique sensor in the collar will switch it on.

As it’s cold, dark and wet we think it’s the perfect gift for your pups stocking this Christmas!

5. Grooming Dryer Brush

We couldn’t have done a list of top doggy gifts without including our very own whizz product, now could we?

Our Grooming Dryer Brush is the perfect combination of dryer and brush that’ll have your pup dried and looking fab in a jiffy!

As well as having a built-in ionic function, which aids any conditioner you may have used during bath time, it has a number of interchangeable brush heads all suitable for different coat types.

And if that’s not enough, it’s currently on offer too!

6. Groom Professional Christmas Cookies cologne

What could be better than a festive cologne to spritz on you pooch to have him smelling delicious?

This fantastically festive dog cologne from Groom Professional ticks all the Christmas boxes.

Simply spritz on the coat post-bath for a wonderfully wintery scent.

7. Party luxe velvet dog bow ties

It’s not called party season for nothing you know, and why not get Fido in the festive mood with these simply *adorable* velvet bow ties?

With four Christmas friendly colours to choose from let your pup look the belle (or Butch) of the ball!

8. Super Absorbent Dog Towels

We’d be barking mad not to include our multipack of Super Absorbent Dog Towels!

Our high-quality Super Absorbent Dog Towels are the perfect thing to use after a rainy walk or just post-bath.

They remove all excess water from your pup’s coat, shortening the grooming time and promising an enjoyable, relaxing experience for groomers, owners and dogs alike!

9. Personalised Dog Tags

Add a little something something to your dog’s accessory collection with this fantastic ID tag.

For just a little extra cost you can get your tag personalised with your dog’s details and remind all the dog park of your dog’s future accolades.

10. Kong classic

The perfect chewable toy for your pup, the big daddy of all dog toys; the Kong classic.

Kong has been the gold standard of dog toys for well over forty years, and they’ve the perfect compartments to hide little treats which will keep your pup amused for hours.

Let us know what your top picks are for doggy gifts this Christmas on our Facebook page!

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