Crufts 2017: Top Grooming Tips from the Professionals

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Crufts 2017: Top Grooming Tips from the Professionals

Recently we had the delight of heading over to Crufts 2017, mainly to bask in all the doggy delights and partly to stroke as many dogs as we could possibly get our hands on! While we were there we caught up with four professional groomers to ask them their handy hints and grooming tips for a beautiful finish…


Pride and Groom, Nottinghamshire

RTD: Hello Alison! Can you give us one of your handy grooming tips on how to get the perfect groom?

A: One of the best things to make sure is that the coat is perfectly clean.

I use quite a few products, but my favourite is Wild Wash. It’s a natural shampoo and it has 100% essential oils so it’s good for the coat.

RTD: How important is it to pick the right scissors or clippers?

A: It’s very important.

I use cordless clippers now because I find they’re more versatile and you’re not tied to a cord. Scissors obviously vary, so I love coming here to Crufts so I can speak to the experts and get the correct scissors for the dogs I’m grooming.

RTD: What’s your favourite breed to trim?

A: I don’t think I’ve got a favourite breed to be honest! I’ve got three dogs of my own, one of which is a toy poodle which I’ve had for just over a year and I think you can do a lot more with a poodle coat.

RTD: Have you tried out any jazzy designs on your poodle?

A: No, I don’t as I’m not that experienced yet, but I’d love to!



Barkingham Park Pet Spa, Neath, South Wales

RTD: Hello Matthew! What is your handiest grooming tip?

M: I’d say to buy good quality products. Good quality scissors, good quality sprays, shampoos and brushes.

Also, don’t rush and take your time.

RTD: What are your favourite products to use?

M: Christie’s Direct Scissor Spray, Chris Christensen and K9 Competition Shampoos and Spartan Scissors.

RTD: What’s your biggest tip for the fluffier breeds that aren’t so easy to groom?

M: Buy a Chris Christensen brush!

RTD: Is there anything you would say to dog owners that would make your job easier?

M: Brush them more! A lot more than they’re usually brushed.

They also need to come in a lot more regularly for grooming than they do – they should be in every six weeks, or less for the fluffier breeds.

RTD: Do you specialise in grooming any particular type of breed?

M: Poodles mainly, standard poodles, and we’ve got three of them now!



Recently qualified groomer, South London

RTD: Hello Charlie, so, you’ve just qualified as a groomer?

C: Yes, I’m currently volunteering at a couple of salons whilst I try and find full time work, but I trained at Dogs Delight in Chiswick.

RTD: What’s your favourite breed to groom?

C: I just love grooming poodles!

At Dogs Delight, most of the clientele were poodles because in that area of London everyone seems to have standard poodles, and also with a poodle you can do so many different styles of cut and they’re all accepted.

Not like with a schnauzer for example, where the one cut is kind of the ‘seen’ thing to do.

RTD: What are your favourite type of clippers to use?

C: At the moment I’ve got pretty standard entry level clippers, but Heiner’s clippers seem to be what everyone are using and they cut through the fur like butter. They’re a really good product to use.

RTD: Whilst you were training how many dogs on average were you grooming a day?

C: We’d get through around 5-6 dogs a day, so we got through quite a lot!

RTD: Is there anything you could say to dog owners that would make your job easier?

C: Brush them! And please don’t come in with their fur matted and ask to have “just a tiny bit taken off the top” because it just doesn’t happen!



Laura’s Dog Grooming, Southampton

RTD: Hello Kelly, how long have you been a groomer for?

K: For about a year now, and I love it!

RTD: How did you become a professional dog groomer?

K: I used to do it years ago with my friend, and then decided it was time to take it up again.

RTD: Excellent! How many dogs on average do you think you groom in a day?

K: I’m working on one dog a day at the minute.

RTD: What would you say is your favourite breed to groom?

K: I’d like to say poodle… but then actually I really love grooming cocker spaniels.

RTD: What is your handiest grooming tip for groomers just starting out?

K: If you want to do it then just do it before it’s too late!

Do you have any grooming tips you’d like to share? Let us know!

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