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How to keep your pooch smiling

As it’s National Smile Month this month we thought we’d celebrate with our furry friends. As we’re in the happy dog business, we thought we’d put our heads together and come up with a list of our top tips on how to keep your pooch smiling…

Treat shrieks.

It’s no secret that dogs love treats.

What else makes them stop in their tracks as they run that permanent race track around your back garden then the tempting shriek of “Treat!”?

What else can make your dog behave like the first in his class at obedience school than the promise of a meaty based snack?

They’re our saviour when it comes to bringing Fido to heel.

So, to keep yourself in your dog’s good books we’d recommend a healthy dose of treats, and none come more highly recommended than the M&C range.

With oodles of choice from turkey filled centres to yoghurt flavoured fillings, there’s plenty to go at for your furry friends.


Home and hosed.

Baths are a bone of contention in the dog community. (See what we did there?!)

Some dogs love to be soaped up and hosed down in the bath, others put on the brakes and have to be airlifted into the tub.

But, whether your pup is in category A or category B, you can’t argue that a fresh smelling coat sure keeps your pooch smiling.

To make sure you maintain that glossy conditioned coat we’d recommend the Groom Professional Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner.

Not only are they salon quality, but they’re fantastic for repairing dry brittle coats that could do with a little TLC.


The pooch mooch!

It’s no secret that dogs love a long walk, usually if it’s a muddy track, or if it’s a nice little stream to paddle in, even better!

But, now the weather has started to perk up and the sun has started to put its hat on, why not treat your companion to an extra walk in the week or a long mooch on a weekend afternoon?

It’s a great way to use up all that pent up energy, which those long suffering begonias in the garden he loves to dig up will surely appreciate.


Brush their teeth.

Although it’s recommended that you brush your dog’s teeth daily (yes, really!) like 95% of owners, not everyone has the time to sit your dog down and manually brush their little peggies.

So, most vets recommend going for a professional clean to keep your pooch smiling every 6-12 months, but even if that seems like mission impossible there’s an easy solution.

Because healthy dental care chew sticks, veggies such as carrot sticks (no, seriously!) and dental care treats, are the perfect solution for the period between cleans.

As the saying goes:

“A dental chew a day keeps the doctor away…”


Win win and grin grin!

We know that you’re probably reading this last tip whilst scratching your head and saying:

“How can I play with my dog even more?”

Well, it’s quite well known that playful stimulation for dogs, no matter the age, increases serotonin levels and makes your dog very happy indeed!

It’s the same for humans, so throwing a ball around your back garden with your canine chum is a win win situation!

It’s even been scientifically proven that stroking your dog releases the chemical oxytocin, meaning that both you and Fido are smiling from ear to ear.

And when all’s said and done, smiling dog owners makes for smiling pooches! And vice versa of course!


Have you got any handy tips on how to make your dog smile? Let us know!

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