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Dog hair dryer

How to use our dog brush like a professional

You’ve bought the dog brush, you’re settling in for your first time using it but you’re still not entirely sure what to do, or what benefits you can get from using it.

Consider this your Top Dog masterclass as we walk you through how to use our grooming drying brush just like a professional. The result are sure to delight!

First things first… let’s start with the heads.


Which dog brush head is best for my dog’s coat?

As we all know, our wonderful furry companions come in an array of shapes and sizes.

Some are super hairy, whilst others remain super slick.

All our brush heads can be used on most fur types (even other animals!). However, here’s the low down of which brush head works best for you.

Oval brush head

The oval dog brush is our most popular.

It comes with metal tines and ball tips and is the perfect head to use on long dense coats.

Round brush head

The round dog brush head comes with plastic tines and ball tips.

It’s recommended for use when drying the tops of the legs, or those tighter areas that are hard to reach.

Square  brush head

The square dog brush head also comes with plastic tines and ball tips.

It’s most recommended use is on longer fur, similar to the oval brush.

However, we’d suggest using this on less dense fur.

How do I use the ionic function?

The ionic function kicks in immediately as the grooming dryer brush is turned on.

This breaks down the water left in your dog’s fur that remain once it has been towel dried and turns it into particles which in turn speeds up the drying process.

There are many benefits to the ionic function, but the main one is that is you use doggy conditioner on your loveable pup during the bathing process it cleverly enhances the conditioner and makes the fur noticeably softer.

If you don’t however, don’t fret!

The ionic function will still break down the water particles to create an irresistibly soft to touch finish.

Dog Grooming Dryer Brush LED light


What is the blue LED light, and how do I use it effectively?

The specialist blue LED light actually has three very handy functions.

Spot those pesky critters

The LED of the light has been known to help spot any critters lurking in Fido’s coat.

Particularly handy when you’ve been for a walk in the muddy woods and I haven’t seen the pests camping out in the hair follicles whilst bathing.

Hot, hot, hot!

Although our grooming dryer brushes have been modified to animal friendly temperatures, the blue LED light comes on when you switch to the highest heat setting.

It serves as a reminder to turn down the temp when focusing on delicate areas, such as around the face and muzzle.

Unseen skin conditions 

The light also helps you to notice any hard-t-see skin conditions whilst you dry.

Simply shine the light under the coat.

How do I know which heat setting to use?

As with a human hairdryer, generally the highest heat setting will work most quickly and efficiently.

However, as mentioned above, we’d highly recommend lowering the heat to the medium setting when drying around the face and muzzle areas, as well as other delicate parts.

The dog brush heads have been modified to become completely insulated.

This way the back of the brush remains significantly cooler than regular plastic backs and will prevent any accidental burns.

Dog Grooming Dryer Brush flex cable

Is it hard to manoeuvre the product with the cable?

Absolutely not!

Our cable is made with heavy-duty flex, and has a swivel connection from the mains cable to the back of the drying unit so you’re able to easily manoeuvre the product around without any awkward kinks or twists in the cable.

Oh, and as it’s a lot thicker than most cables, it’s chew resistant!

Is the unit easy to hold?

After much trialling, we perfected the shape of the unit so that it can be held using one hand.

This way you have one hand free to calm nervous dogs whilst the unit does all the hard work of drying and brushing.

Which way should I  brush against the fur?

Again, just like a human, we’d recommend using the dog brush on your pet as you would on your own hair.

That’s not to say that back brushing wouldn’t do the trick. It would simply get the heat deeper into the coat but may cause a serious bouffant effect overall.

The one thing we can’t stress enough though when using the dog brush is always keep it moving!

Leaving the brush in the same place for long periods will cause discomfort to your dog, so always keep the brush… well, brushing!

If you have any suggestions of products you’d like to see from Roses Top Dog please let us know! We’d love to hear your ideas.

Seeing as you’re here, please check out our dog grooming dryer brush

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